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How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console

How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console

A visual step-by-step guide to submit your website to Google Search Console (aka “Webmaster Tools”).

Google Search Console – a place to feed your website data to Google; website monitoring and diagnostics tool.

Why submit your site to Google?

The main reason is to give Google another (direct) source of information about your site. Read this for more details.


 If you came here from “How to Build a Website” guide -> skip to Step 3. 




Step 1: Optimize Your Website Pages

First, you want to make sure your pages are optimized for search.

If you’re using WordPress, install All In One SEO plugin, configure it and (at least) optimize your pages (and posts, if have any) for search. Be sure to optimize any new pages you create in the future.

For other platforms or HTML website – make sure that there’s a title and meta description on your pages.



Step 2: Create Website Sitemap

Next, you need a sitemap – a list of pages that you want Google to know about.

Again, if using WordPress, install and configure XML Sitemap plugin. Make sure there are no empty/sample/irrelevant pages (and posts, if have any) on that sitemap.

For other platforms – search for ways to create a sitemap for your site.



Step 3: Login To Google Account or Create One

You need a Google account. You will need it for Google Search Console, Google Analytics and possibly other marketing tools.

Go to and login to your account:


Google Account Login


Or create a new account.



Step 4: Add Website To Search Console

Next, go to Google Search Console:


Google Search Console


Open your website (homepage) in a new tab, copy-paste its URL and click “Add Property:”


Add Property to Google Search Console



Step 5: Verify Website Ownership

There are multiple ways to verify website ownership (look under “Alternative methods” tab). The best one is to show that you have access to website hosting – HTML file upload:


Verify Website Ownership in Search Console


Follow instructions.

  1. Download HTML verification file to your computer by clicking the link.
  2. Upload the file to your website.

Open a new browser tab.

Access your hosting files (or upload using tools like FileZilla) and upload the file to root domain – where your index.php or index.html file is.

If you followed “How to Build a Website” guide – login to your CPanel and click “File Manager:”


File Manager


Check “Document Root for,” pick your domain and click “Go:”


Document Root for


Click “Upload” icon:


Upload Icon in File Manager


Next, click “Choose File” and select Google verification file (that you downloaded to your computer earlier):


Upload Files


File will upload.

You uploaded verification file to your website.

Go back to Search Console instructions.


3. Click the link that has this form:

If you did everything right – you will open this file:


Google Site Verification HTML


Close that tab. Everything is good.


4. Check ReCaptcha (or solve it, if asked) and click “Verify:”


Verify Website


You successfully added your website to Google Search Console.

Click “Continue:”


Verified Ownership of Website


You’ll be forwarded to Search Console dashboard for your website.



Step 5: Submit Website Sitemap

Next step is to add your website sitemap.

Click “Sitemaps” on your dashboard:


Search Console Website Added


Click “Add/Test Sitemap” red button on top right:


Add Test Sitemap


Type directory of your sitemap file.

If you have WordPress and used Sitemap XML plugin – type “sitemap.xml”

Click “Submit:”


Add sitemap XML


You will get “Item submitted” message:


Sitemap Submitted


You are done!




You added your website to Search Console and submitted your sitemap (list of all your pages).

Come back to in a few hours/days to see first data start showing up.


Get familiar with Search Console Dashboard (if have time):


Google Search Console Dashboard


Google will email you about important updates or critical issues with your site (malware or website down).

For example, you now received an email (and message inside Search Console) from them titled “Improve the search presence of” Read it and explore some options there.



Next Steps

While waiting for data to start showing up – follow similar steps to submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tools.


There are a few extra things you can do after you add your website and submit your sitemap including but not limited to (see “Improve the search presence” email for some of them):

  • Add “www” version of your website (even if you don’t have “www”).
    You can do that using “Add a Property” from Dashboard. Use this form: “,” skip to “#3 Confirm” and verify.
  • Choose your preferred domain.
    If you have a non-www version in your WordPress settings, make sure you select that.
    If you have a www in WordPress settings – set that as your preferred domain here as well.
  • Add “https” version of your site if you have SSL.
  • Connect Search Console and Google Analytics. Guide coming soon…



Your Turn!

Any tips or shortcuts that you know of regarding Search Console?

Any questions or feedback?


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